!!GUEST POST!! – The Best-Laid Plans…

Sometimes, in writing a blog, you find connections with people you would have never had the pleasure to meet otherwise… people that have read your posts and find a common sentiment, and when you read their posts, you are inspired to do better in your own life. ENTER BaggyPop !!!

I was fortunate enough to meet BaggyPop in this exact way! Blogging about a minimalist lifestyle, BP captured my interest, and I reached out to find out what got her started on this life of wandering and keeping only limited belongings. My own constant battle against all the “stuff” needs a good injection of inspiration now and then, and I hope BP inspires you as well. Her story was so in-line with my normal topics, it seemed an obvious fit for my very first Guest Post! Please read, and then visit for more content from BP… don’t forget to like and follow BaggyPop at https://www.baggypop.com/ .

The Best-Laid Plans: A Story of Life Planning That Went Off the Rails And Some Thoughts On Handling It

Wasn’t it John Lennon who said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans? I think that by the time you’re in your 50s you’ve experienced this “life gets in the way” first hand at least once (and most probably more than that). And you find yourself in a place you didn’t set out for, with people you didn’t know you would be with, doing things that you couldn’t have imagined…I think you know what I mean here.

You might look in the mirror and ask yourself what a nice girl like you is doing in a life like this. I know I have.

Here’s my story of where I am now, vs where I used to be. Have you been in a similar situation?

I used to be a family of three living in a farm house on 100 acres of land. It was the usual happy chaos of kid’s craft projects, big meals with friends, dog hair everywhere, tools and gadgets, winter coats and boots in the messy mudroom, stacks of library books and mail in every room, computers and assorted hardware, laundry and unmade beds, a crowded refrigerator…you get the picture. Lots of people and things and energy. A joyful brimming cup.

Then in 2005 our child graduated from high school and moved on to start her adult life. In 2006, shortly after moving to a smaller and less cluttered home I lost my husband to a lengthy debilitating illness. And in 2008 the dog died. Within the span of only a few short years I became a single empty-nester.  And did I mention that I also had to close down the family business around that time as well?

Yeah, good times. My late husband and I had spent years building a purposeful life for which we were so grateful, and now I was standing alone trying to connect dots that weren’t there anymore.

So what to do? Well, the brilliant thing is that we humans have a tremendous resilience if we choose to tap into it. Which I did, both during those difficult years and afterwards. And I’ll bet you can too. And it doesn’t hurt that I have a sense of humor and lots of great people in my life who love me (and you probably do too!).

These “life breaking” situations are very very hard. But there is always light at the end of those tunnels, trust me! Think of a difficult time like this as a transitional phase and not a stuck place.  I’m in my mid-50’s and finding myself moving away from the big things I’ve built* in those previous chapters and on to new adventures with new schemes and new people to love. I’m taking the best of the past along with me and folding it all into a rich unknown future.  

And you can too!

*(Quick note from NYX at AStar… this is a constant thought of mine… that all of this hard work will be behind me someday, and it will no longer be the important part of my life… I know it is a matter of stages of life, and peaceful existence is in my future… Oddly enough, the thought of how I will handle the peace is a little bit terrifying!)

Thank you, BaggyPop , for your story and your inspiration!  Let me know what you all think of her post!