Weaving your Legacy

I would like to be remembered as someone who did the best she could with the talent she had.

J.K. Rowling

          You are the artist of your own beautiful tapestry.  Each day is a thread in the weave.   You are able to choose the colors and textures used, but ultimately, outside influences cause the piece to bend and weave its way over obstacles.  As with any art, the true beauty of the finished piece cannot be seen until its completion.  Only at the end of our lives can we see the full picture we have created.  The intent of the artist is sometimes realized, but often, the subtleties and mistakes, the twists and turns, the dropped stitches left unfixed in the piece create its true character, personality, and beauty. 

          The mistakes that youth ensures we all make are bound into your piece. Looking over your partially completed (hopefully nowhere near finished!) tapestry, you can see the tears, joy, fear, hardship, disappointment, and the triumph that each thread represents.  As time passes and age sets it, reflecting on our past decisions is customary.  Looking at how you have gotten to this exact place at this time in your life, you are forced to look back at the choices and definition in the work you have done in your life already. 

          Regardless of who you choose to share your life and time with, your personal tapestry will be independent of all of them in the end. You will not be able to point at the beautiful colors in your parents works, your partners work, or your children’s work… You will only have YOUR work left as your representation.  Do not make the mistake of putting all of your time and energy toward creating beauty for others at the cost of your own! Instead, show them how to live by showing them the beauty you are creating, thread by bold thread, choice by clear choice!  Show them how beautiful life can be when you take charge and create it; defiantly working around the twists and turns, ups and downs, through moments demanding patience and tolerance juxtaposed with those instances requiring sharpness and focus.

           As the artist, what colors are you choosing? This piece of art is who you have been, who YOU ARE, and who you will become; how your family is perceiving you now, and how future generations will remember you.  Are your color choices forlorn, full of greys and subtlety, indecisive changes, or are they the bold and commanding colors with clear intent?  In a world full of subtlety, do you feel comfortable enough in who you are to find and highlight the parts of you that make you different from everyone else?  Live a life of love and boldness! Ensure the world will know that you did it!